What We Buy

Many of the brands or items listed below may be out of your expertise. It never hurts to send us an email and some photos of the items you plan on selling or just want information on.


The condition does not matter when it comes to jewelry.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Diamonds
  • Coins
  • Necklaces, Rings, Estate Jewelry, Scrap, Bullion, Bars, Etc.


Pottery: Grueby, Newcomb, Rookwood, Moorcraft, George E Ohr, and other brand names work. Keep a lookout for any markings on the bottom of the piece.

American Stoneware and Redware: Small, Medium, or large gallon pieces. Most stoneware is gray with blue floral patterns or animals painted on them. It is also very common to have the maker, town, and state labeled on the piece.

Fine Art

Paintings (ideally listed artist): Oil, acrylic, ink, mixed media, watercolors, etc.

Lithographs/Multiples/Signed Prints: Ideally hand-signed, limited editions.

Bronze Statues: Small, medium, or large.

It is very beneficial to have paperwork, history, and/or a “story” about your art piece. It adds maximum value to the work.

Mechanical Watches

Luxury Watch Brands: Breitling, IWC, Panerai, Patek Phillipe, Omega, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Zenith are some of the more common well-known watch manufacturers.

Popular German Brands: A. Lange & Sohne, Glashutte Original, Moritz Grossman, Muhle Glashutte, Nomos, Sinn, & Tutima.

Basic Luxury Brands: Alexander Schorokoff, Bell and Ross, Baume & Mercier, Doxa, Fortis, Hamilton, Hanhart, Oris, Rado, Tudor, Sinn, Etc.

There are many other brands we’d love to purchase outside of the brands listed above.

Teddy Bears

German Brands: Steiff, Bing, Schuco, Jopi, etc.

American Brands: Ideal, Heclar, Knickerbocker, Bruin, etc.

English Brands: Chad Valley, Chiltern, Deans Rag Book, Merrythought, Jk Farnell, etc.


Embossed Bottles: Ones with raised lettering or images instead of paper labels.

Unique/Rare Colors: Green, Black, Basic Olive Green, Teal Blue, Cobalt Blue, Purple, Yellow, Yellow Green

Antique Bottle based on style/shape: Beer bottles, Bitters, Flasks, fruit jars, Hutchinson, ink bottles, poison, whiskey, etc.

Oriental Worls of Art

Jade: All shapes and sizes, ornate decorations.

Japanese Lacquerware: Boxes, small to mid-sized pieces.

Porcelain & Ceramics: Plates, bowls, vases, etc from various dynasties.

Art: Metalwork, Bronze Statues, Bowls, Prints, Paintings, etc.

Tsuba and Swords

Misc Bottle and Boxes

English/German/French enamel boxes: Marked on the bottom and/or Ornate designs.

Snuff Bottles and Boxes: Chinese, Jade, European/American silver, and gold, and/or orate designs.

Card Cases: Silver, topographical scenes of famous landmarks, Initials on one side. Other material can be Mother of Pearl or Tortise shell.

Vesta Cases: Silver, shaped like animals, and/or odd or novelty designs.

Tea Caddies: Ones with ornate designs, lock and key, old silver or tortoiseshell, English or German scenery, and/or marked on the bottom.


The variety of toys is extreme throughout the last 150 years and here at Bronze Robot, we buy them all.

Early American Wood and Paper Toys: Schoenhut Circus wood animals, Chad Valley, Paper Toy theaters, and wooden Crandall toys.

Early American Tinplate Toys: Francis/Field/Francis, George W. Brown and Co, Stevens and Brown, Marx, and Chein to name a few well-known manufacturers.

Early American Steel Toys: D.P Clark trolley and train cars, Buddy L, Kingsbury Manufacturing, etc.

Cast Iron Toys: Hubley cars, Dent Hardware fire trucks and horse and carriage, Ives, etc.

Cast Iron Banks: J.E Stevens, Kyser & Rex, and Shepard Hardware are very popular antique bank manufacturers. Majority of these are unmarked but may have a patent number on the bottom.

Pre WWII European Tinplate Toys: Rock and Graner, Lutz, Guntherman, Ernst Lehman, Ernst Plank, Marklin, Bing, Schuco, etc. Look out for novelties, boats, horse-drawn carriages, cars & commercial vehicles.

Toy Soldiers: French, German, English, and American companies. Ideally, these are made out of lead, metal, tin, or composition. Plastics were heavily made after 1950.

Diecast Cars: Tootsie, Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Spot On.

Post-WWII Tin Toys: Distler, Arnold, Gama, Tipp Co, Cragstan, and Battery Powered toys.

Post-WWII Japanese Tin Toys: Robots, Cars based on American Models, Furry Animals with tin bases, and Novelty items as well.

“Newer” Toys: Mego action figures, Star Wars, Transformers 1st Generation, He-Man, GI Joe, Wrestlers and other cool, great condition, toys from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.


Automata: Many are French. Roullet & DeCamps, Theroude, Vichy, Leopold Lampert, and Phalibiois. These are very complex “toys” that have mechanical movements and mechanisms.

Early Wooden Dolls: English pre-1780, Queen Victoria Style, Later wooden dolls, and Penny wooden dolls.

Poured Wax Dolls: Many are unmarked- Pierotti, August Montanari, WH Cremer.

German China Dolls: Difficult to date and many unmarked.

Bisque Fashion and Bebe Dolls: Marie Antoinette Rohmer, Jumeau, Simon and Halbig, Kammer and Reinhardt, Googlies and Kewpies, etc..

Fabric & Rag Dolls: Izannah Walker, Kathe Kruse, and Lenci.

Early Barbie in Mint Condition

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