Our One-Stop-Shop business approach provides you with many options to get your items sold.

Free Gold & Jewelry Valuation

If you just want to know how much your gold and jewelry are worth, we will test it for free with no pressure to sell. If you feel the price is right, we will pay cash on the spot. With our jewelry expert on staff, we test everything in front of you for full transparency. Also, we let you know of the current market price and the value of each item.


Do you have only 1, 2, or just a handful of items you want us to sell for you and not in a rush to part with it?

We can consign your items in many ways for maximum value for you:

  • Our network of collectors
  • Finding the appropriate auction house
  • eBay (We are labeled as Top-Rated Sellers with 100% feedback)

There are no upfront fees for us to consign your items.

Estate Sales

Moving? Inherited an Estate? Have too much “stuff” and don’t want to just throw it all out?

Having us host an estate sale might be the best option for you. Think of it as a garage sale but indoors.

For a successful sale we:

  • Host for 2 days, usually Friday & Saturday. For your convenience, we are willing to do a Sunday option, or Appointment only.
  • Stage the home to maximize the visibility of the items
  • Fully research your items and price them accordingly
  • Take photos of all your items with heavy influence on the best pieces to attract buyers to the sale
  • Put small valuables and jewelry in a secure display case and guarded during the sale

There are no upfront fees to evaluate your items and to host an estate sale.


Many people do not want to go through the hassle of an estate sale, selling on eBay, or waiting for the right auction house to sell their items.

Buyouts are the most convenient way for you to get paid right away and move on from things you no longer want.

Sell your gold/jewelry and antique/collectibles directly to us. Check out our What We Buy Page.

We’ll make it easy to sell just a few items or an entire estate.
Contact us today for an easy, stress free sale.

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