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Our One-Stop-Shop business approach provides you with many options to get your items sold.

Here at Bronze Robot, it’s all about our clients.

As consultants, it’s our mission to act in your best interest, giving you the best advice on how to liquidate your unwanted items such as jewelry, antiques, or collectibles.

To do this, not only have we created a one-stop-shop model for your convenience but we have experts on staff in different categories of antiques, provide full transparency for what you own, and of course work relentlessly to get the job done.

We highly encourage you to check out our Services and What we buy page to see how we can serve you.

Currently, In-House experts in: jewelry, antique oil paintings, Asian antiques, and mid-century furniture.

Message from the Owner, York Eggert

I was lucky enough to get into the world of antiques and collectibles when I was 16 and since then accumulated a ton of knowledge by reading books and working at estate sales. Even being a buyer for some time, I know what it takes for a great sale. So, combine this with my knack for educating and servicing clients, and an entrepreneurial spirit, I felt it was time to start Bronze Robot.

The staff and I are always looking at auctions around the country seeing today’s hot items and constantly learning. This helps to make sure no items you own are overlooked and thrown away. Fine art, mechanical watches, toys, dolls, and teddy bears are my areas of specialty and I am looking forward to seeing what you have.

Ken is our in-house jewelry/gold and Asian antiques expert. He often is the go-to guy in the Bergen County area for information on these items. Ken has also managed estate sales for many years and has been around antiques, buying and selling for over 50 years.

To sum things up, when you call us, you are in good hands. Have fun viewing the site and don’t be shy to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We’ll make it easy to sell just a few items or an entire estate.
Contact us today for an easy, stress free sale.

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